Euro Metrics Solutions for Electric Vehicles

How do we support EV industry?

  • We work with many Tier I manufacturing clients and supply castings, forgings, machined and extruded components for electric vehicles
  • Provide best-in-class engineering & global supply chain solutions
  • Deliver cost-effective product & tooling solutions
  • Superior product & tooling lead times
  • Offer many value-added services including supply chain, engineering design & troubleshooting, quality management, warehousing, inventory management & more
  • The current generation of electric vehicles is designed to address the sensibilities of the climate-conscious consumer, reducing the need for oil consumption, lowering emissions and going farther on new battery cell technologies, all without compromising on the speed, torque, and efficiency demanded by the car-buying public.
  • Euro Metrics supplies several mechanical components for electric vehicles, including inverters, power electronic controllers, stators, rotors, motor housings, and a range of chassis components. We assist in designing low-weight metal components made out of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc to help with fuel efficiency and performance desired out of EV vehicle components.
  • Adaptable for engineering changes and optimization all the way into production
    • Electric vehicle efficiency, technology and range will continue to evolve and change rapidly with battery, motor and power management technology. Supporting mechanical components will also need to keep up with these evolving changes. Euro Metrics has a rapid response engineering supplier and engineering change management process (Four gates MESH  APQP to limit inventory in the system and ensure thorough changes to upgrade components within weeks and months instead of years.
  •  Scalable to quick ramp-ups
    • Electric vehicle ramp-up schedules will depend upon adoption in the market. Many of the EV’s designed with high volumes may end up with lower than expected volumes, and in certain cases, the opposite would be true. Euro Metrics has a supplier management process including dual country, backup sourcing, tooling sourcing to ramp-up volumes in different parts of the world using standardized tooling, process, and packaging methods.
  • Tooling Cost – 40% of volumes suppliers
    • Electric vehicle manufacturers face heavy scrutiny by outside stakeholders for capital and financial burn-rates. Euro Metrics can lower the development costs by almost 60-70% over other manufacturers in Europe, US and Mexico.
  • Leadtimes to support your aggressive and unrealistic timeframes Metrics! – 8 weeks for all level 3 PPAP’s
    • Electric vehicle development schedules will continue to unrealistically short, expecting Level 5 PPAP’s within weeks instead of months which other sourcing companies can meet. Euro Metrics routinely develops a variety of castings, forgings, extrusions, and machined components within 6-8 weeks for Initial PPAP’s and then ramps up production using our “Safe-Launch” process.
  • E-mobility is a heavy user of light weight engineered aluminum die castings which are meticulously machined to high tolerances and complex heat sink and thermal protection features. Our performance without compromise is reflected in every casting component produced for the e-mobility industry. It starts with carefully selecting the global suppliers who can pass our stringent standards, who are ISO and IATF certified and who have proven – repeatedly – that they can deliver cost-effective, timely, quality parts.
  • When the tolerance for anything short of perfection has to be zero, Euro Metrics is ready to take on the challenge. We’re here to help, having already supplied thousands of power converter housings, interior housings, battery trays and more to OEM’s around the globe.

Our services are dedicated for large-series production inquiries.

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    Manufacturing Capabilities:

    • Die Casting
    • Investment Casting
    • Sand Casting
    • CNC Machining
    • Forging
    • Extrusions
    • Stamping & Bending

    The Advantages of Euro Metrics for Electric Vehicles

    • Euro Metrics provides a complete supply chain management solution, centered on:
    • Quality, Cost, Service, & Leadtime
    • Through our engineered supply chain solutions, Euro Metrics can help reduce your component costs by 20-55%. Euro Metrics can reduce your inventory levels from more than 56 days down to 3 days. Euro Metrics helps clients develop custom-engineered products that meet extensive quality specification requirements.
    • Euro Metrics offers many value-added services including:
    • Inventory Management, Finishing, Product Inspections, Warehousing, 3D Printing, Product Rework and Repacking, Supply Chain, Engineering, and More


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